Here’s Your Guide to the Best Oahu Surf Spots!

There are so many quality ways to spend time when visiting the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Here, you’ll discover an array of historical sites, local restaurants, shopping spots, and natural wonders. If you ask us, one of the island’s biggest draws is its claim to surfing fame! Oahu is a popular destination for shredding some of the biggest, most powerful waves in the world—particularly on the North Shore. Below, we’ve listed just a few of our favorite Oahu surf spots! If you’d like even more local insight, be sure to claim your complimentary Travel Guide to Oahu.

4 of the Best Oahu Surf Spots

1. Ali’i Beach Park on the North Shore

It’s not difficult to stumble upon a fantastic surfing spot on Oahu, and Ali’i Beach Park is a perfect example. Located in the town of Haleiwa, this reef break offers powerful right and left swells that will impress even the most skilled surfers. This beach often boasts picturesque hollow barrels fit for the adventurous, high-performance surfer!

2. The Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore

Known as the world-renowned location of the annual Pipe Masters surfing competition, The Banzai Pipeline is reserved for expert surfers only. This shallow, craggy, and dangerous reef offers jaw-dropping left-hand barrels that only the best of the best can handle.

3. Pua’ena Point on the North Shore

If you don’t have the sport of surfing mastered, not to worry! There are plenty of spots on Oahu where you can learn the tricks of the trade. One of our favorites is Pua’ena Point, a slabby reef and popular place for lessons. Here, you’ll notice a bay-like geographical formation perfect for funneling the big waves from the main peak behind it. If you’re a beginner, just be sure to practice on a “small day” to ensure your safety. Waves can get large and powerful anywhere on Oahu!

4. Canoes on the South Shore

Canoes is a reef break near Town (the city of Honolulu) that offers mellow waves on small days and a strong south swell that attracts much of the local “ripping” crew on big days. Here, you may see some beginners, some ocean kayakers, and some local expert surfers. It all depends on the day! This is also one of the best spots to catch a stunning Oahu sunset.

Stay Near All of the Best Oahu Surf Spots!The Cliff Houses living room view of one of the best Oahu surf spots

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