First time on Oahu? Not Sure Where to Stay?

You’re planning your dream vacation, and you’ve chosen the Hawaiian Islands. You’ve finally settled on the gorgeous island of Oahu, but now you find yourself asking, “Where are the best places to stay on Oahu?” Luckily for you, Hawaii Beach Homes has plenty of beachfront homes located in the three distinct areas of the island- all should satisfy the answer to your question: "Where to stay on Oahu?"

Will you choose the remote East Shore, where waterfalls trickle down towering mountains and historic monuments (like the Polynesian Cultural Center) dot the coast? Or will it be the North Shore, the surfing capital of the world and home to friendly creatures like dolphins, tropical fish, and sea turtles? The South Shore is yet another wonderful place to stay on Oahu, which offers spectacular shopping, beautiful sunset views, and award-winning cafes. Take our complimentary quiz below to learn which part of Oahu is your perfect match!

Location is a vital component of any vacation. You want to spend as little of your precious vacation time as possible making unwanted travels, so choosing a place that is close to many attractions is ideal. Thankfully, Oahu is a fairly small island, so some of the options are narrowed down already. You're bound to find the solution for "where to stay on Oahu" with us!